Nurtured by Nature

Offering Honey and Herbal Tea, Handcrafted Apparel, Accessories, and Unique Sasquatch-Themed Items

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A Journey of Beekeeping & Artisanal Craftsmanship

Made by Oregonians for Oregonians! 100% Oregonic is an Oregon gift store where we've embarked on a journey of beekeeping and artisanal craftsmanship. In 2022, we started our beekeeping venture, and it wasn't long before we harvested our very first batch of honey, brimming with the essence of our property. We're not just a bed and breakfast; we're a dream brought to life. We're dedicated to producing a variety of goods right here on our property, including soaps, candles, herbal teas, and more.

Experience Quality

Our commitment isn't about being 100% "organic"; it's about being "as organic as we are willing to be." We cultivate the herbs our bees use to create honey, ensuring quality from the source. Our product range is diverse, featuring everything from handcrafted furniture, cozy beanies, and scarves to delightful Sasquatch-themed items.

Ready to explore our handcrafted, repurposed furniture? Discover sustainable style on our furniture page.

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Heartfelt Thanks from 100% Oregonic

We want to express our sincere gratitude for your support of our new business. It means the world to us! Thank you for shopping local and supporting small businesses. We are honored to provide you with the highest quality products available.

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  • Gratefully, 100% Oregonic